Looking away from the camera

I began playing music at the age of 10, when my parents, fed up of listening to the recorder, sent me for piano lessons. I picked up a guitar at the age of 17 and never really looked back!

I write songs based on my own experiences and emotions, and even a year ago, never thought I’d be performing them to people who would want to listen!

“Her writing comes straight from her heart – real songs with real meaning about real issues. Her songs are immediately engaging – and listening to her sing them, one is struck by the genuine feeling and emotion that is conveyed. Furthermore, the appeal is genuine and immediate – she has a real talent for engaging her audience.” 

“Dawn is a talented singer/songwriter who captures the essence of her songs through beautiful vocals and guitar playing. As well as a plethora of covers taking you through many genres of music Dawn really comes to life through her songwriting proving she is a true and talented artist. Her writing is a letter to the soul drawing on her own experiences and leaves her heart on the page and instilled in the minds of her captive audiences” 

“Dawn’s music is heartfelt, genuine and powerful, exploring the full gamut of emotions and inspiring the same amongst her audience. Acoustic, indie folk with hints of Americana and country, this is not to be missed and if you get a chance to hear her, then you are lucky indeed. Her producer has done a superb job, rendering an intimate, immediate feel so that you are sure she is singing solely for your benefit. “